About 90 per cent of Kano students, who took the state qualifying examination performed poorly. 

The qualifying examination gave students the chance or otherwise to be sponsored by the state government to take the Senior School Certificate Examination.

For students to qualify for sponsorship, they are expected to score credits in seven subjects, including Mathematics and English.

But the result, which was released just three days before the deadline for the National Examination Council registration, showed that the students failed woefully.

A report by Daily Trust stated that the dateline for NECO registration was too short for the students who failed the qualifying examination to get the required money to register for the exams.

The registration fees are around N12, 000 to N13, 000.

According to a teacher in one of the schools, only six students passed, out of over 300 students that took the examination. 

The teacher noted that this will result in many of them repeating the class or dropping out of school.

“Cases like these are usually what discourage the students from continuing with their studies.

“Many of those that failed the examination don’t have money to pay for themselves.

“And instead of them to repeat, they rather abandon the school because they have no certainty in the next year.

“This is what adds to the number of dropouts we have in this region,” the teacher said.

Another teacher said only 60 out of 200 students passed the qualifying examination in the school he works at, adding that students who have paid and registered for the NECO examination are not up to 40 out of the 140.

According to him, the government released the result very late. He also said many parents could not provide the NECO fee within three or four days.

A student, Usama Sa’adu, said he had already given up on taking the NECO examination since he did not have the means to pay for it.

“My father cannot pay for me honestly and I don’t have the means to pay for myself.

“So, I don’t know what to do now. All I know is if I didn’t take this examination, I will not go back to school because I don’t know if I will still win next year.

“There is no certainty honestly because the person sitting next to me is not always coming to school but he passed the examination.

“He only comes once or twice a week, while I always attend school. I never missed classes but he passed while I failed,” he complained.



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