A group of Nigerians in Ukraine has appealed to the government to begin the process of evacuating them back home.

The Nigerians said they had been stranded in the country since the outbreak of the coronavirus and needed to return.

Nigeria has been evacuating its citizens stranded in various countries. About 117 Nigerians were evacuated from Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania recently.

One of the Nigerians in Ukraine told SaharaReporters that over 200 of them were waiting for the government to begin the evacuation process.

He said, “We have over 200 Nigerians stranded in Ukraine since the closure of the airports.

“We are appealing to the government to allow Turkish airlines or any other airline to fly to Nigeria. Most of us had purchased our flight tickets before Ukraine banned international flight.

“The government should immediately intervene and help us to return home,” he said.

The Nigerians, however, shared their distrust with the Nigerian Embassy in Ukraine over the planned evacuation. They accused the embassy officials of extorting them.

“The last time we contacted the embassy, we were told that the embassy was working on the evacuation.

“This is being done to exploit us. The embassy officials have been extorting us here. It is clear that they are all acting for their benefits alone,” they said.

The Nigerians urged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address the complaints.

source: saharareporters.com

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