Ycee and South-African rapper, AKA have begun the exchange  of words on Twitter over the recent attacks of South-Africans on Nigerians and other foreign nationals.

It all started when Ycee made a reference to a tweet AKA posted when South-Africa Lost to Nigeria at this year’s African Cup of Nations expressing his anger over having to lose to Nigeria in all areas.

It appears Ycee then found the tweet insensitive as he made a reference to the tweet which has been posted for over 2 months ago.

He wrote; ” I’m talking about this guy…”

AKA however found the tweet offensive and he replied angrily, saying it’s a stupid tweet.

He wrote; “South Africa and Nigeria is the continent’s BIGGEST RIVALRY … a SIBLING RIVALRY because we are brothers and sisters … I also hate losing to Australia for fucks sake. Let’s pull together as Africans and stop dividing ourselves. This whole narrative is stupid!!!”

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  • Ycee & South African Rapper; AKA Attack Each Other On Twitter Over Xenophobic Attack
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  • Published on: Sep 3, 2019 | 17:18

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