Yung6ix was wrongfully arrested in the United States yesterday after being accused of theft by a jewellery company, Kay Jewellers.

The music star took to his Instagram page to release a video in which he gave details on how the incident happened. Yung6ix revealed he was detained by the police and got released after going through the process of racial profiling. He revealed he was detained just because they see him as a rich blackman and promised to press charges against the company.

Kay Jewellers is a sub-company under Signet jewellers and it is yet unclear if Yung6ix would be filing a lawsuit against Kay Jewellers or against their parent company, Signet Jewellers or against the police or against all the three bodies involved. Yung6ix who was really excited to be out of wrongful detention revealed he isn’t a criminal and works for his money in the most legal way anyone could think of.

Yung6ix wrote to accompany the video; “Was wrongfully accused by kays jewelers. Spent the last few hours wondering if I was gonna be another innocent black man getting f—k by the system. I’m going to be pressing charges for racial profiling #blacklivesmatter. Jealous out 27th shout to all my J.D’s and everyone who supported my release today.”

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  • Yung6ix Vows To Sue Jewellery Company After False Accusation Led Him To Jail Yesterday In The United States || Watch Video
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